My Pets

Gonzo the Great
 (Gonzo passed away on July 1st, 2012. He is greatly missed.) 

Gonzo was an Alexandrine Parakeet. Many people think a parakeet is what is technically a Budgerigar, but 'keets' are called that because of their long, pointed tails. Most parrots have short, blunt tails. However, no one would call a big Macaw a parakeet, even though they have long, pointed tails. He might take offense and you wouldn't want to have an offended Macaw on your hands - literally. I've been bitten by one and even a playful nip HURTS.

This is Treasure. Isn't she lovely? Treasure is a white ring-necked dove. She really is a treasure.

I got Treasure just a day or two after the 9-11 attacks on New York city in 2001. It was a shaky, emotional time for everyone.

At the time, I lived in a border city, just above Michigan. We were known for our petro-chemical plants. In fact, our city was officially nicknamed "Chemical Valley" and was known as a worldwide producer of oil and oil products.

Many residents were speculating that an attack on our city could result in far-reaching devastation. Many people were afraid.

A day or two after 9-11, as my husband & I drove to run errands, we talked about the commercial buildings and expansion that were emerging in our city. I had been reading that morning in my bible where God spoke to his people through his prophet saying, "Pray for the peace and prosperity of the city where you are living." So we prayed for the prosperity of our city and then I remembered the rumors and speculations. "Oh yeah," I said, "We should pray for the peace of our city, too." So we did.

My next stop was at our local pet shop to buy bird seed, among other things. (I had several birds at the time, including breeders) For some strange reason, I couldn't find the product I was looking for; they must have moved it. My search led me down a far aisle and at the end of that aisle, I was thrilled by what I saw. There were 3 white doves in a glass case. They were so beautiful and my prayer for the peace of our city had barely left my mouth. I felt instantly that God had said YES to my prayer. After all, isn't a white dove a universal symbol for peace?

I asked the store clerk if I could hold one of the doves. Though she was fully flighted, the beautiful white angel lay peacefully in my hand as though she had always belonged with me. Of course, she did not go back into that glass case again. My husband came into the store just in time to see the tell-tale hole-punched box and grumbled, "What did you get now?" I replied, "Don't worry. You are going to love this one."

By the time I got her home I was calling her Treasure. The name came to me like a download. When my DH first laid eyes on her, he agreed that he did love her and that she truly was a treasure.

Meet Chicken

For Mother's Day 2014 my husband took me to the pet store to pick out a budgie (short for budgerigar). I intended to get a male because my new pet would also be a companion for Treasure. Female birds tend not to get along. But one little budgie kept flying to the front of the cage, giving sweet little nibbles to my fingers. So that is how I ended up with a female budgie. My mother's pet name for me was Chicken and I have always affectionately referred to my pet birds as chickens. So I decided to name my new friend Chicken. She is a feisty little thing and not afraid of anything, so the name is kind of tongue-in-cheek.

 Plussette. We got her a couple of weeks before Christmas 2003, our first Christmas on Prince Edward Island. We told ourselves we wanted a cat for rodent control since we were living in the country. What a laugh! My DH would not allow her in our clay basement (where the mice were) because she might get dirty or hurt.

Yes, I picked Plussette out of her litter and gave her a custom name, but she picked my DH. She yowls when he leaves the house and is in his lap in an instant whenever he sits in his recliner or climbs into bed. She gives me snuggles sometimes, too, but most of her love is reserved for her beloved. Since he is my beloved too, I can only bow to her good taste. :)

We got our 2nd cat in April 2007. I named her Mineau (Min-noo) which is French for puss or pussy. The name suits her perfectly because she has a perfect M in her forehead.

Mineau got the nickname "Dory" when she was a kitten, from the kids' movie "Finding Nemo". This was because she had a micro-short attention span.  This has improved over the years, but she can still be easily distracted.

And this is Kaeli. No, she doesn't have rabies. She just loves ice cream about as much as I do. We take her to the dairy bars in the summer and she gets her own cone.

We got Kaeli from my SIL in April of 2008. She was my birthday present - my BEST birthday present. As Plussette is to my DH, Kaeli is to me.

Kaeli was 4 years old when we got her and I started training her right away to be a therapy dog. In August of 2009 we went through the St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Program screening test. Kaeli passed with flying colors and we were officially a St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Team.

We regularly visited residents at a local nursing home for about 2 years. The residents were always happy to see Kaeli and she loved going to see them.

Kaeli passed away on May 2, 2015. That was a hard day.

My Fluffy Bunn

Nahla really stole my heart. When I first met her she was so snuggly and at peace in my arms, I think she may have fallen asleep while I held her. When it was time to leave, I knew I could not put her back in her cage. She was coming home with me. As with Treasure, the name Nahla just came to me, so it stuck.