Thursday, 16 February 2017

Ricky's Promotion

Hello Friends,

Ricky (my Lionhead/mini-rex bunny) has been doing so well with his litter box training, I decided to see how he would do in a bigger space. He passed with flying colours, so I went ahead and opened up his training cage to the rest of my aviary room. I added an extra litter box and bed. Now he has the run of the whole room, plus his loft cage area. He has been having a blast running up and down, and around. Here is a little video of him, just minutes after his promotion to a big-bunny living space.

Thanks for stopping by and indulging my showing off my darling little rabbit.



Valerie-Jael said...

Glad your little Sweetie is making such progress. I love how you care for your feathered and furry friends. Hugs, Valerie

NanaConnie said...

I'm not sure we're indulging you as much as you are indulging us with new videos of darling Ricky! lol

Chi Cr said...

He is the cutest!!! So glad that he is doing so well... what a happy bunny!

Angela Hoynes said...

I never saw soft blankets for rabbits before - such luxury :) I guess once they are litter-box trained everything stays clean. x