Saturday, 25 February 2017

A New BFF for Treasure

Hello Friends,

About 4 weeks ago I took in 3 ring-neck doves from a less than favorable situation. My intent was to see if my 15-year-old dove, Treasure would accept one of them as a companion. Then I would likely re-home the other two as it would be a bit too crowded in my aviary for 4 doves.

Treasure had been retreating to a corner of the aviary and trying to incubate her infertile eggs for several months. She did not even interact with me very much, seeming sad and withdrawn. I was hoping that the presence of other doves would help her.

I soon figured out (you have to go by their behaviour) that the new doves were two males and one female. That would seem ideal, but both males were fighting over the same female. Treasure rejected attentions from both of them. After 3 weeks, I found an excellent home for the males, where they would each have their own mates.

Once the males were gone, Treasure started coming out more and I hoped she would make friends with the remaining female. She did not. In fact, she pecked fiercely at the other dove, and seemed to prefer the company of my cockatiels.

But the poor little darling kept cooing, desperately wanting to bond with another dove. Treasure had rejected her. If it were only for my sake, I would love to have kept the new dove, as she is very sweet and super pretty. But I didn't think she would be happy until she bonded with another dove. I contacted a fellow dove enthusiast and was expecting her to come this weekend for the bird. But this morning, as I was loading my washer with clothes, this is what I saw.
Treasure and the new dove were cuddling and cooing to one another. Then Treasure started giving her new BFF little dove kisses. Of course, there is Sassafrass, who thinks he is an honorary member of the ring-neck dove society.

My friend was very understanding and happy that, after nearly a month, Treasure finally decided to accept a new dove-mate. She has not had the company of another dove in about 13 years.

Thanks for stopping by. Here is a video I took of Treasure and her new BFF.

Blessing hugs,


Valerie-Jael said...

This is a heart warming story, so glad your little treasure is not alone any more. Thanks for caring for them so well, that's a BIG thing. Hugs, Valerie

Nana Connie said...

Oh, I'm so excited for both of them, Teresa! Wonderful story and great video. :-D

Jeanette said...

Hi Teresa
So glad that Treasure has finally found a BFF. It's such an overwhelming thing to watch a favourite pet come out of her "shell".
Big Hugs,
Jeanette, New Zealand

Chris c said...

Oh I am so happy your little Treasure has a friend!!! That is wonderful! Thanks for sharing her story; that was so touching! :)