Thursday, 26 January 2017

Painting Practice

Hello Friends,

Have you heard of Bob Ross and his show, "The Joy of Painting"? He passed into Glory in 1995 and must be having a great time painting all of Heaven's marvelous landscapes.

Anyway, I have been watching his show on Netflix and, even though he uses oils, I thought I would try his techniques with acrylics. One thing he often does is to start with a coat of "Liquid White", for a wet on wet painting experience. Over the last couple of days I tried using a coat of white craft paint, mixed with floating medium to see if it would give me a similar effect. I had to work quickly and the paint still dried about halfway through, but it didn't do too badly.

Here are a couple of winter scenes I did on small canvas boards.

For the first, I used only Phalo Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Black and Titanium White. I was disappointed and ready to just paint over it, but my husband really liked it so I decided that maybe it wasn't so bad and added my signature to it.

The second painting still used a limited palette: Phalo Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Black, Crimson and Titanium White. I am much happier with the sky in this one. I like the colours in this, but I think the monochromatic colours in the first make it seem like a frigidly cold day.

Thank you for stopping by.  Which painting do you like best and why?

Blessing hugs,


Valerie-Jael said...

I love the way Bob Ross painted, and your paintings are terrific. I like the second one better, perhaps because the little hut seems to be a refuge waiting for you, pulling you in. You must do more like ths! Hugs, Valerie

Karon said...

WOW Teresa - these are fabulous!!! TFS

NanaConnie said...

When you come back, you come back like a whirlwind, don't you, my friend? Both these paintings are fantastic, Teresa, and I really love the little cabin. Your skies are incredible in each painting! You make me want to pick up brush and palette again, but I'm out of work space these days.
Also loving the mixed media painting you did and that water color iris card is marvelous! :-D

Angela Hoynes said...

I love the depth of the top piece, you are right about the sky, perhaps you could tone down those clouds. Otherwise great job on both of them x