Sunday, 7 June 2015

Sunday's Little Blessings x2

Hello Friends,

I hope you are enjoying your weekend. I made a whimsical butterfly for you today, with a helmet and chamo wings. The first time I traced it in Inkscape the lines were too thick so I had to make some adjustments in Paint. I find drawing with a mouse extremely challenging. By the time I cleaned up the image, the facial features had changed quite a bit. I went back to Inkscape with the original image and finally came up with a better version. But I kind of liked the changed one too. He looks more like a boy butterfly and the original looks more feminine. So....

why not just give you both? Enjoy!
Girl Butterfly - JPEG
Girl Butterfly - PNG
Boy Butterfly - JPEG
Boy Butterfly - PNG
Thanks for dropping by. I love reading your comments and I would be so thrilled if you showed me something you made with one of my images.

Hugs & smiles,

PS - My blogger friend, Angela Hoynes, is challenging herself to draw something every day, which she is also sharing on her blog. She had some pretty flowers yesterday and today has a gorgeous carnation. You can pick up today's images here. Yesterday's images are here.


ursula Uphof said...

Lovely butterflies Teresa, you amaze me with these drawings. Thanks for sharing with us. Have a lovely Sunday. Hugs, Ursula

Valerie-Jael said...

Love your drawings of the male and female butterflies, great idea and thanks so much for sharing again! Hugs, Valerie

Dr Sonia S V said...

So cute and beautiful
Dr Sonia
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Angela Hoynes said...

Amazing butterflies Teresa x

NanaConnie said...

Oh, I love the faces on these butterflies, Teresa! And you're absolutely right about one being more masculine and the other more feminine. I was just over visiting Angela's blog and I love that the two of you are each challenging yourselves by drawing each day. Can't wait to see everything as we go along this month. :-D