Sunday, 15 February 2015

Blizzard Neptune and a Fun Art Day

Hello Friends,

It has been an exciting, fun day today with Blizzard Neptune. Some of us Islanders nicknamed it "Big Bertha". We can't see much passed our garage and our neighbour's house has totally disappeared.
Winds are up to 120 kph (74 mph) and the snowfall is supposed to be from 75-90 cm. (up to 3 ft.). We won't be getting out of our back door any time soon and the drift in back of our house is about 5 ft. and growing. But we still have power. We haven't even had a glitch. Isn't that amazing?
So I spent my day at my desk doing art, mostly background paintings.
The bigger sheets will mostly be cut up to make scripture cards, bookmarks, etc. for giving away. I made four bookmarks, but since these gifts are given anonymously, I prefer not to post them.
I even tried my hand at making paper beads for the first time ever. They aren't fantastic to look at, but they are cute and I will probably only use them on my art journals anyways.

I am a little disappointed that we haven't had any thunder and lightning yet. Apparently they had some in Boston and it was quite the novelty for them. The news caster was jumping and shouting like a kid. I remember the first time I saw and heard lightning in a snow storm, I thought it was pretty cool. The house has been rumbling and shaking pretty good though.

Thanks for dropping by. I hope you are safe and warm wherever you are. I will leave you with today's Rick Mercer report on our Maritime storm.

Hugs & smiles,


Chasing the Dream said...

Wow, stay warm and be safe. Hopefully your power stays on. Great creativity on your beauty.
Take care and blessings

Valerie-Jael said...

Wow, what a storm, stay safe at home Sweetie! Glad you are occupying yourself with art, your background sheets are wonderful, and it's always good to have a store ready. Love the beads, too. Hope your power really stays and keeps you warm through the storm, Hugs, Valerie

Desire Fourie said...

Wow Teresa I cant believe that you still have power through all that, if it was here in Johannesburg, it would have been a black out re electricity. Just adore your amazing paper beads, you are just so creative.
{Doing Life – my personal blog}

Angela Hoynes said...

The stenciled words look great. I have been thinking about doing a background to cut out my scripture cards, but I wondered if they would cut properly with the all the different layers on. Did you just use paints on yours?

Angela Hoynes said...

I meant to comment about the weather! Have you experienced these conditions before? I can't quite imagine not being able to open the door! Can the animals still go out side to go to the loo? Or have you trained the dog to use a dirt box?

Dr Sonia S V said...

Be safe Teresa

Karon said...

I can't believe it! You have had storm after storm! Hope there is an end in sight soon, but you are making the most of it, by creating your wonderful backgrounds. TFS and be safe and warm!

Debbie said...

So much snow!! Thankful you didn't lose power! And were able to spend some good time creating. :)

I saw this RMR yesterday and laughed so hard!

Penny Odell said...

Wow Teresa,that is a lot of snow!! I can't imagine seeing that much at my house. I love your backgrounds you made. I can't wait to see what you do with the beads and backgrounds!!
Hugggss and blessings.

Penny said...

Oh, my, your clip is hilarious! Thanks for the laugh! :^)
And looks like you have been busy indoors, doing what you do so well--creating beautiful artwork! :^)
Sending hugs, Penny

NanaConnie said...

There's no better way to spend bad weather time than in being creative. :-D Good for you.