Monday, 16 February 2015

Big Bertha is alive and well

Hello Blog Buddies,

Our latest blizzard -- called Neptune by the weather network, but more aptly nicknamed "Big Bertha" by a wise Islander -- is still blowing this morning. I thought you might enjoy a few recent pics.
This is the 'view' out of our 2nd storey front window.
Our downstairs back window. Notice the snow line.
Another pic of the back window
Oh, did you think that snow bank was in the distance? NOPE.
Our back door. Yes, the snow really drifted up that high.
Our side door, the one we can get out of. 
Snow blew in through every crevice around our storm door.
All the way to the top.
A neighbour's storm door was less fortunate than ours. The screen ripped off and the glass shattered.
I tried to get a pic of our driveway, but the wind whisked the storm door out of my hand. I grabbed it and took a quick shot. Sorry. All you get is the side of my garage. My little car is happy to be inside.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed the pics. It might be a couple of days before we get dug out, but we are very grateful to have not lost power.

Blessing hugs,


Valerie-Jael said...

Oh my Teresa, it looks bad, what a huge amount of snow and storm! Glad you still have power! Look after yourselves, stay safe, and take care, hugs, Valerie

Karon said...

It looks horrendous! I hope there is a steady melt when it comes!

Nancy said...

Oh goodness, Teresa! I heard about how it hit you over there. Your weather makes our weekend blizzard look like a Spring shower! lol :o)

Desire Fourie said...

Teresa this is is devastating stuff. I am just relieved that you are okay. This is the mother of all storms. Does the snow not put severe pressure on the windows to crack them or is it special glass? Keep safe and warm.
Hugs Desíre {Doing Life}

KT Fit Kitty said...

You got hit harder than we did. We have a lot of snow but not as much as you. You didn't say if you lost your electricity. Ours was only out for an hour and a half but my parents' power was out for 18 hours. I am really hating winter this year! Glad you're okay!

Patricia St Martin said...

I hope can get out if you have to but best to stay where you are. My goodness that is a lot of snow. Thanks for the pictures. Stay safe.
Hugs, Pat/♥

Penny said...

Honestly, I got chills looking at your photos! TOO. MUCH. SNOW! (Reminds me of my childhood in Whitefish, Montana.)
I hope you stay warm, and don't hurt yourselves digging out of that mess!
I prefer my 80 degree blue-sky days!
Sending some warm air & hugs, Penny

NanaConnie said...

Oh, Teresa, I don't envy you at all, my friend! But since we're entering out 4th year of drought out here in California, could I get you to ship some ice chests full of that snow out here just before it begins to melt? :-D

Chasing the Dream said...

So glad to know you are doing ok and keeping warm. The weather is treacherous this season. Here in So Cal we are in desperate need of water. It is like summer in winter season,
Take care and many blessings

sally said...

I just looked through your snow pics! Wow, that's some amount of white stuff!!! Glad to hear you have power, my step daughter is in Maine & SOOOO ready for spring - they've run out of space to shovel the snow & last weekend son in law was clearing the roof/melting the ice dams. I found out where you are so the quantities of snow suddenly made more sense...stay safe & warm.


Little Birdie Blessings said...

What a crazy winter here in New England, we have much of the same in Maine. This sure has been a long one. Stay warm and safe. ~ Abby

Carmen said...

Wow! That is a lot of snow!! Hope you're keeping safe and warm!!