Friday, 2 January 2015


Hello Friends,

You lovely folks left me so many nice comments on my craft space tour, I really wished I had shown you what it was like before. Here is a picture of what I hauled out of there, just this week. There have been at least two huge bags taken out previously. And I literally started trying to organize this space a whole year ago - in the first week of January 2014.
So... if you are a messy creative (like me) I hope this makes you feel better about your own beautiful mess. And please don't think too highly of me. Only God knows how long my new organization is going to last.

Hugs & smiles,


Desire Fourie said...

There is nothing more freeing and satisfying after one has done a good bit of spring cleaning and de-cluttering.
{Doing Life – my personal blog}

Angela Hoynes said...

Good luck with the sorting xx

Dr Sonia S V said...

You are a true inspiration Teresa...even the stuff you throw out is so neat!! Ha Ha I started cleaning my craft room and the floor is an ocean of paper scraps...fortunately my hubby is used to my rare cleaning sprees and wont bat an eyelid!!

Chasing the Dream said...

Great inspiration to start the year with organization. Now can you come over the pond and assist my cluttered room. Just love what you did. So accomplished.
Happy New Year

NanaConnie said...

I'm afraid my space still looks like the cluttered version and I don't even have stuff gathered up to throuw away or donate. :-D I'm back from all my holiday travels and am trying to catch up on all the posts over the last couple of weeks. I do love your new, organized space. If it stays clean, that's simply a sign that you've not been doing anything creative for way too long! :-D Sorry I haven't had time to comment on each post you've done but... Happy New Year, my friend.

Patricia St Martin said...

I understand how it can be, we never want to take pictures of how it was put do not feel bad because we all have that kind of mess in our classrooms to, so don't feel bad. The main problem is our room are not big enough and I know I can not afford all that fancy white furniture, would be nice to have all those cupboards and have sections in our room are just cutting or just coloring, doing water coloring and all the other things we do. But life do not work that way for all of us to so we make due with what we have. I love my craft room and anyone is always welcome to join me.
Hugs, Pat/♥