Sunday, 30 November 2014

Couch Potato Art

Hello Friends,

Recently I had to spend the better of a week on the couch due to a strained back, as well as ongoing chronic pain. Luckily I had my sketch journal, some pencils and pencil crayons handy to help me keep my sanity. Too much TV makes my brain feel like my body would if I ate nothing but chips & candy all day.

I started by drawing some sharp angles, which became a window. Lots of scribbles also helped to express my pain. I started to draw curtains on the window, but just felt like making it into hair. I drew the face behind the window pane because I felt like a person watching life pass by without being able to participate in it. The poem developed out of that. I used the phrase "window pain" instead of 'pane' as a play on those like-sounding words. The red balloon is a childhood analogy of when I was little and my brother popped my big red balloon.

Here you go. The first verse is at the top.
In case it's hard to read, here is the poem on its own.

Teresa Arsenault 2014

I’m gazing through my window pain
At dreams and plans and tasks
My life is like a red balloon
That slips out of my grasp

Its dangling string floats up so high
It’s far out of my reach
But Father is so very tall
He catches it with ease.

He sets the string into my hand
And smiles my tears away
Remember now my little one
The price I paid that day

He points up to a lonely hill
Where Saviour bled and died
It was for you, my precious lamb
That heaven cried and cried

Abundant life was bought that day
Strength and healing too
Hold tight my lamb and don’t let go
My promise is for you

Thank you for visiting my blog today. If you are one who suffers with pain of any kind my heart goes out to you. More importantly, God's heart weeps for you. I hope you will let him help you, either to heal you or to hold you through the pain. God bless you, dear one.

Hugs & smiles,


Tammie Dickerson said...

What a wonderful post - artwork and poetry! Sending out prayers and hugs your way! Happy PPF!

Annette G said...

Great post Teresa, loving the art and the poetry. Hope you feel better soon.
Happy PPF, Annette x

Penny said...

Loved your title! Being a couch potato suits your creativity! I think that nothing could diminish that! Love this face & hair especially on this! And, as usual, your poetry is beautiful! :^)
Hugs, Penny

JackieP Neal said...

Beautiful page and poem Teresa! be well~ ")