Thursday, 18 September 2014

New Digs for the Pets

The last couple of months my wonderful husband has been busy in the garage making things that bring smiles to my face.

Recently he converted the top section of my double-decker rabbit cage (originally made by him) into two bird cages - one for my budgie and one for my dove. He also mounted the pen I bought on sale at Amazon to the front of the cage and enclosed the three sides at the bottom. Nahla can now run all around the pen and under the cage as well.
Side view
Side view with the pen
Left front. Chicken gets her first taste of her new digs.
Chicken's new cage is much larger, but it took some getting used to.
Chicken's cage from the front. I took out some excess toys.
Treasure's new cage. Terry mounted her sleeping shelf in one corner.
Chicken's cage from the side. The ceiling used to be a rabbit sleeping shelf.
Right side of Nahla's cage on the bottom. The ramp goes to a sleeping shelf.
Thanks for stopping by. I know this is a different kind of post from me, but I wanted to show off some of my husband's creativity for a change. I am blessed to have a man who knows me so well and loves to make me happy.

Blessing hugs,


Angela Hoynes said...

Your husband is amazing! I am similarly blessed with a creative husband in areas like this. I just loved that bird playing peek a boo and kissing the lady! I decided not to have any more birds after my last one died of a stroke as we are away so much in the caravan. Lately though I have been thinking about taking a cage with two small birds with me! My Annie is expecting puppies in 3 weeks xx

Penny said...

What a sweet guy! And talented! :^) Your birdies are very lucky he did this for them! :^)
Hugs, Penny