Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Intuitive Art

I recently came across an article on "Intuitive Painting". While not exactly the same, it reminded me of how I started painting. I put on inspirational music and began stroking on colour as I sang and danced in worship. I had no picture or goal in mind. Soon a colorful bird began to appear on my page and a face blowing the wind that lifted its wings.

This past weekend our church had a conference three evenings in a row. On the 2nd night I packed my Gelatos and a few cereal box journal pages prepared with Gesso. Let me say right here and now -- I LOVE Gelatos!

Much the same as I created that very first painting, this bride appeared under my Gelato-covered fingers. I was surprised to discover her and even more surprised to see that she was pregnant.

Gelato finger painting enhanced with white acrylic paint.
Gold embossing powder to create a crown
I did an art piece on Saturday night that I gave away. In Sunday morning's service I finger-painted an embryo with Gelatos.

This evening I set out to enhance this painting with a bit of white paint as it seemed too flat to me. I put on worship music as I worked, as I normally do. I was thrilled and stunned by what developed under my own fingers and brush strokes.
I could not have imagined this lady of fire
I dabbed on white to add a glow at the top of the placenta/hair.
Something like large hands seem to envelope the child.

Now when I look at the original painting I can see the details on the finished product in my mind's eye, but it was not there when I started. This is the idea of intuitive painting. You release your mind from over-thinking and let your instincts take charge. I also believe that by submitting myself to God in worship, I open myself up to the Spirit of creativity that resides in Him.

I am so glad you have visited me today.

Blessing hugs,

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hcolella said...

All I can say is WOW.

Nicole Beadwright Campanella said...

Love this pregnant no face lady. Very angelic. If angels can have babies. LOL

Karon said...

WOW - amazing. Just wonderful to see how that has come about. Thanks also for following along on my vacation :-) Hugs, Karon

NanaConnie said...

Absolutely breath taking, Teresa! Both pieces are inspiring but the embryo/fire lady is just stunning.

Penny said...

I love how Spirit moves through you to your creations, Teresa! Your pieces are absolutely beautiful! :^)
Hugs, Penny

Maire Gamber said...

Your process in creating this card was amazing. It's fun to just let go sometimes and see what evolves! :D
Hugs, Marie