Friday, 6 June 2014

Inspiration Journal - Back Cover

Hello Lovelies,

Today I finished the back cover page of my new inspiration journal, as suggested by the Inspiration Station workshop at Jennibellie's Journal Workshops.

I used the same stencil to outline the face as I used for the front cover, but this one took shape very differently. Something else occurred that I have never experienced before.

In the past, when I painted family members or my pet, I made a heart connection to the subjects in the painting. That didn't surprise me as these were loved ones of mine. But this lady, that came purely out of my imagination, has captured my heart in a way I didn't think possible. As I look at her I feel genuine affection, as though she were a dear friend or family member. If you are an artist, can you tell me if this is a common occurrence?

Here is the painting before I added wording and embellishments.

My only regret with this painting is that I was not able to get the skin tones just right. Then I remembered a You Tube pep talk from one artist that said, "Don't be discouraged if what you can do does not match what is in your imagination. Just keep practicing and little by little you will get closer to the ideal that is in your mind." I also remembered Jennibellie's advice: "Do the best you can do at the stage you are at right now."

Now here is the completed page.

I saved this tag from a purchase that will help Haitian women. I added Washi Tape and stenciled the word "PASSION" on the tape portion with black acrylic paint, which I outlined with a white gel pen.

I cut these birds from an old calendar. "On the wings of His love," is a personal quote that I have often used on my correspondence. It goes along with my life scripture: "Follow the way of love." - I Corinthians 14:1
I stenciled and glittered hearts, as though coming from her mouth. I added glitter to her lips to follow that idea.
Her fiery hair represents passion. I also perceive people of African descent to have an especial passion in whatever they do.
Thank you for dropping by and sharing in this journey of mine. If I have inspired you just a little I am thoroughly pleased.

Blessing hugs,

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Lisa Isabella Russo said...

She is beautiful, I love her and her birds. I think her skin tone is rich and beautiful! Definitely an inspiring piece.

Valerie-Jael said...

Beautiful work Theresa! Valerie

Penny said...

Oh, my, she's just gorgeous! Love her! :^)
Hugs, Penny
Have a wonderful weekend!

Eileen Dobson said...

Love your card, thanks for sharing it with us over at Creative Moments.

Carole Robb Bisson said...

WOW! Amazing art. I'm quite pleased you like her from your heart. It is so delightful to see such creative art. Thank you for sharing your talents with us today.
Carole Robb Bisson
Word Art Wednesday

Faye said...

This is so awesome! Just gorgeous!

Anne Milnes Howard said...

Hello Teresa the artist who amazes me each time I visit. You are growing and I see that growth with every brush stroke you make. I think this lady is beautiful, I love the skin tones actually as it is filtering the light across it and shows me such emotion. I must congratulate you on your wisdom as you travel this beautiful journey in your art journal and I am enjoying your progress too. God Bless...
Love as always ~ Lady Anne xxx

NanaConnie said...

First saw this at The Outlawz, Teresa, and I just love it! So amazing and such great colors in her hair. Loving the birds and hearts!
It just feels so good to be back after more than a week away from home and away from crafting. :-D

Cindy D. said...

It is a terrific feeling to have a connection to your painted subject! I'd say it happens sometimes but not always. Lovely warm color combination!

Karon said...

Stunning back cover to your journal. Fabulous image and colours. And yes, we can only do what we can and learn - this is amazing!

maria f. said...

Wow, what an amazing journey you are on. Wonderful work.