Sunday, 15 June 2014

Craft Room ReDo - Post Two

Okay, here comes the good stuff - the 'after' shots of my re-organized craft space.

My hubby and I made this board a couple of years ago with a piece of wooden lattice, quilt batting, a thrift store bed sheet and a staple gun. Cup hooks hold my scissors, metal dies, camera and other things.
I hung this plastic dollar store basket to the board by a cup hook and filled it with die cuts. I used to keep my die cuts in a covered metal tin, but I tend to use the supplies that I can see easily and forget about those that I can't.
Here is another basket that I hung to the board by a cup hook. I put most of my wooden embellishments in here.
I got a 100-pack of shipping tags at Staples for under $5. It hangs by a cup hook. I pinned (hat pins) a few tags and embellishments that just make me happy because.... they just make me happy. :)
There is a hook for my Gelatos. This kit comes with a tutorial so I want to keep it in sight lest I forget about it.

I love that I can grab my tools with ease and then put them right back. My scissors never get buried under a bunch of paper on my desk while I am in the midst of a project. This board is directly to the right of my desk. It couldn't be handier.
Some butterfly die cuts that I kept forgetting about when they were in closed storage.

Each cup hook holds a set of metal dies. They are situated directly to the left of my Big Shot.
With hooks and pins I can keep my prettiest things in plain sight.
This might be my favorite thing on my board. I stuffed my fabric flowers into a berry box and hot-glued a flower to the front. I love it. The tag to the left is something I made and just like to look at. It's that 'happy thing' again.
I am going to end this post and do another of some others areas of my re-organized craft space. Then I will have to get back to work so I can show you more. But that can wait until tomorrow.

C U Soon.


Karon said...

Loved the before photos. This noticeboard is fabulous, what a great idea and everything to hand - love it! TFS

Dr Sonia S V said...

You are so right when we tuck them away in bins we tend to forget about them!! I recently reorganised my crafty stuff and was amazed and even a tinge embarassed to discover so many things I had forgotten about completely!!

Angela Hoynes said...

This is a seriously good idea, I wonder if I can get my husband to do something similar. He has said no to me having anymore shelves :( What I really need is the right kind of shelves. I have open metal shelving at the moment.