Sunday, 15 June 2014

Craft Room ReDo - Post One

Hello Crafty Peeps,

In the past few months I discovered the joy of mixed media. While loving it, my modest craft space became overwhelmed with a whole new variety of supplies for which I had no storage. I feel and work best in a well-organized space where I can put my hands on things quickly, but tidy up just as quickly. I had things close at hand, but the mess was becoming overwhelming. I cringed every time I walked into the room; not the best psyche for creativity to bloom.

In a modestly sized home office/craft space, shared with my husband, and a modestly sized budget, achieving an organized space is challenging. My first step was to purge whatever I rarely used. Of course, shortly after got rid of my beads, I found a new use for them in my mixed media. Ugh!

I took a bunch of photos of the 'before' chaos, but my camera had a hiccup fit. I didn't realize that none of the pics turned out until it was too late. Here are some photos of the mess that still remains, but I assure you it was MUCH worse than what you see in the pics.

The view from my desk chair. This is partially cleared off. It was much worse.

The side of my L-shaped desk. That is my handsome hubby sitting at his computer desk.

Storage for my large papers, envelopes, Scor-Board. Fairly disorganized right now, but I can find things okay. We picked this up on the side of the road. Someday I would like to paint it, but it probably won't happen soon.

My plastic drawer systems (left) hold adhesives, ribbons, stamps & punches. The clutter on the right is piled on top of a small side table - another freebie.

Under the coffee table (should paint this too) and on its shelf are some organized containers, along with more clutter.

My first bag of garbage, gleaned from amongst the clutter. I told you it was worse before this stage.
Well, Google is having a little fit with my posting so many pictures. I am going to start another post to show you some of the good stuff.


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