Thursday, 22 May 2014

Mixed Media Word Art Painting

Hello Peeps,

It's been a little while since my last post and I have news of a new family member. When my husband said he wanted to buy me a budgie for Mother's Day, I went in search of a young male, but this little female stole my heart. As soon as I approached the cage she flew to the front and started gently nibbling (budgie kisses) on my fingers. None of the other budgies were interested in me at all, but I was still determined to get a male. This little friend would be a companion for my dove, Treasure, as well as for me. I didn't think Treasure would readily accept a female bird. But even as I looked over the other budgies, this one would not take her eyes off of me. She cocked her head and stared right at me the whole time. Finally I walked away from the cage, but as soon as I returned she flew to the front again to bestow more budgie kisses upon my fingers. That was it. She was coming home with me. It took me a few days, but I decided to name her Chicken.
Chicken, straight out of the box (grin), on her first night.

Chicken's first foray outside of her cage.

For the last couple of weeks I have been working on a mixed media piece, using an original word art scripture. I used inks, paints, pens, stamps, die cuts, pearls, glitter, embossing powder and even Spackle to create this wall art piece

I find it very satisfying to finally come to that stage where I feel that a mixed media piece is done. I am learning to be patient with the process, which does not come naturally to me. It helps to watch videos of others making mixed media art, but mostly I have to remind myself that each layer is only another step in the process. Some layers will be barely visible in the finished project and that is okay.

It kind of puts me in mind of a well-lived life. I may observe a woman, full of wisdom, patience and peace and wish I could be like her, but I don't see all the layers that got her to where she is today. In fact, I may just be that kind of woman myself, only I still have many more layers to go.

Thanks for dropping by. I love it when you visit and your comments make my day. You can pick up the word art files below.

Blessing hugs,

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Word Art Wednesday - Anything Goes (inspirational)


Jackie Scott said...

I can see how much work you put into this gorgeous background. Your words still stand out with the pearls and the bright colours you have framed them with. A work of art!

NanaConnie said...

I don't know where to look -- at Chicken or at the canvas! I love the scripture you chose and it's so perfectly highlighted. Love the sponging and the pearls.
Now, about Chicken -- sometimes our new family members choose us, regardless of what we thought we had in mind. They usually turn out to be the best of the 'litter.' :-D So glad you shared the story and the pictures.

Karon said...

Fabulous word art! Love the colours and the wonderful scripture. Welcome to Chicken the budgie :-) Have a wonderful weekend.

Penny said...

Oh, I love little Chicken! I had a budgie years ago, then an Amazon and a plum-headed parakeet! I do love birds! :^) And this one definitely needed to be with you--love how that happens! ;^)
Your mixed media piece is really stunning! Love the background you created for all the other details! :^)
Hugs, Penny
Have a wonderful weekend!

Karen Letchworth said...

This is beautiful! I'm always SO BLESSED when you are able to stop by and share with us. I greatly appreciate your participation in our challenges, and I hope you're having a blessed week! Please join us again soon.
Word Art Wednesday - please stop by to say hello!

Jo Ann said...

This is gorgeous. It's an explosion of wonderful colors. Your Word Art is done amazingly too. Awesome job, indeed! We are so blessed you joined our Challenge last week and hope you join us again this week. Leaving you with an encouragement from Psalm 119:50 which says, "My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life." Hugs and blessings...