Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Eyes have it!

I made my first ATC (Artist Trading Card) today, using my original art image that I created about a month ago. It turned out a little creepy looking, but I think it's kind of cool. I covered the pupil with a rhinestone. Same kind of creepy but cool results, at least in my opinion.

One of my goals is to learn how to illustrate a realistic looking human eye. I have been watching various You Tube videos, especially by Mark Crilley, and studying photos of eyes. A couple of weeks ago I pencil sketched an eye while watching one of Mark's videos.

Today I took my Copics to it, as well as some dye ink markers, paint & chalk pastel, and a white gel pen for highlights. The drawing is on graph paper because I didn't think I would go any further than the pencil sketch stage with it. I am thinking of making this into another ATC.

The most difficult part, I find, is making realistic looking eyelashes. Next to that, making the eye wrinkles is very challenging. I want to learn how to illustrate the appearance of an eye when a person is smiling. That means there has to be eyes wrinkles; that is, unless the subject has been shot up with Botox.

Thanks for taking a look. (pun intended)

Blessing hugs,


Lady Anne said...

Oh Teresa, your eyes are fabulous, I always think that the eyes are the centre of a portrait. I know what you mean about your ATC but it is great even though it does look creepy *smile* Your art is improving in leaps and bounds...
Sending love and hugs ~ Lady Anne xx
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Karon said...

WOW they are fabulous Teresa - amazing sketch! TFS

Diane said...

Great job Teresa the eye looks great.

Hugs diane