Tuesday, 5 November 2013

NaNoWriMo Day Five

After yesterday's dark scene, I was ready to write something lighthearted today. Even though this is a fantasy novel, written about a fictional land, I have included a character who speaks with a Scottish brogue. My mother was a WWII war bride from Scotland so the Scottish dialect is dear to my heart. I love to speak and write in it. It took some practice to be able to write in such a way as to give the flavour of the dialect while maintaining the readability. Please let me know if you have any trouble understanding Hinny's speech.

And now here is another little scene for you to enjoy.

Abella put her tiny hands on her old nurse’s knees and looked up into her soft grey eyes. “Why does my mother hate me, Hinny?”
“Hisht, wee one,” she said, pulling the child into her ample lap and rocking her in the chair. “She doesna have love what was never given love. It isna you, child, and she regards ye better ‘an most.”
“Aye. She might have killed me if I’d been a boy.”
“Auch, wee one! Dinna say such things.”
“But it’s true. She killed all the men and most of the boys in Veroven before I was born.”
“Who telled that to ye, child?”
Abella lowered her chin. “Auntie Mali did, but ye mustna tell me mither, Hinny,” she added, placing a chubby hand on each of the old lady’s sagging cheeks. “Mali is sore afeared of her.”
Hinny’s lips twitched as she deposited Abella on the floor and patted her head. “I can keep me own counsel, Chicken, but ye mustna let your mither hear ye speaking northern talk as the likes of me does. Then you will be afeared of the spanking she’ll give to ye.”
“Yes, Hinny,” Abella replied, nudging her heel into the floor and twisting it back and forth. She looked up with a grin. “But you like it when I talk northern like you.”
“Go on with ye,” Hinny laughed, patting Abella’s bottom, “Get ye outside and out from under me feet.” She half-heartedly lashed a dish towel at the girl as Abella ran out the door giggling.


Karon said...

Wonderful! I think you got the Scottish writings down to a tee! I have a few Scottish friends and love the lilt, when you have long conversations you can't help but pick up on the accent too. TFS

Lady Anne said...

Oh Teresa it is magical, I love it and understood every bit of it. Wish I could write with a Scottish Accent you clever wee lassie...
Love ~ Lady Anne xx

Penny said...

Loved the dialect--really rounds out the characters! :^)
Hugs, Penny