Monday, 4 November 2013

Day Four of NaNoWriMo and another sneak peek

It's Day 4 of the National Novel Writing Month and I am up to nearly 8,000 words. I took yesterday off, but wrote 2,840 words today and over 3,000 on Saturday.

Here is a sneak peek at what I wrote today: (just an excerpt, not the whole thing)

“But the moon is not yet full,” Coleesta protested.
Lucretia laughed and Coleesta grinned back.
“That is rather foolish, seeing you are goddess of the moon.”
Coleesta took a final look deep into her goddess’s eyes. Lucretia blinked and smiled.
“You can trust me, child,” she crooned. Leveling her gaze, she added, “I am not a man.”
Coleesta tightened her jaw and jerked her chin in a resolute nod. She closed her eyes and listened to the drone of the beehive.
“Hummmm,” she began. Her voice moved higher, then lower, in time with the bees, the song of the bees.
“Call me to you,” Lucretia hissed into her ear. “Be one with me. My strength is yours. Your strength is mine.”
“HUmmmmm,” Coleesta sang. “Lucretia commmmme. Commme to meeee. Be one with meeee. My strength is yoursssss. Your strength is minnnne.”
Over and over she repeated the lines of the new song; louder, stronger. A new order was being birthed. The notes grew and then swelled. A new, triumphant order for women. No more would men be in control. She rocked and teetered, her body teeming with sensation, almost too much to bear. Her notes reached a fevered pitch. Her body vibrated; her teeth chattered. She began to feel afraid, but she could not stop. The song had taken hold of her; she was clutched in its grasp. Something slammed into her back, seeming to go right into her. She was thrown onto the hive. The swarm flew up from every direction and covered her flesh. She heard a rasping voice from deep within her own head.
“Command them, Coleesta,” Lucretia’s voice urged. “You are now their queen.”


Karon said...

WOW - Teresa - you are on a roll with this - can't wait to read the full story! I'm sure my teens would love this too! TFS and keep writing :-)

Lady Anne said...

I would definitely buy the book Teresa, can't wait for it to be published. You have done remarkably well, congratulations on the work so far...
Love ~ Lady Anne xx

Penny said...

Goodness. Way to go, Teresa! :^)
Hugs, Penny