Saturday, 3 August 2013

Journey of a Painting - Step 6

 In case you are just tuning in, this is the final post of six, chronicling my most recent painting that took about 2 months to complete.

The most difficult part of this painting was trying to get my husband's handsome face just right. It is not perfect, but it might be the best I can do for now. I definitely need more practice and training.

I'm fairly happy with the skin tones now.

Now to work on his hair. I took out some of the strands on his forehead, meaning I had to touch up the skin tones. I also added more colour to his beard.

Oops! Once I posted this, I realized there was a little too much colour in Terry's beard and hair. I also wanted to touch up his skin tones a bit more. Should I really give this as a gift and would it be better shoved in a closet?

Okay. So after I started posting the 'final' photos, I scooted downstairs and did a little buffing with a dry stippler brush. I think it's a little better now. Hubby says it is good, so I am going to give it to my beautiful MIL and hope that she likes it too. Thanks for joining me on this journey of a painting. I hope you enjoyed it.

Blessing hugs,

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Chrissy said...

Hi! Teresa...I have been following your posts on your painting journey, and never said a word until I saw the finished results...which are just stunning.
What a fantastic job you did, and I think the photo [painting] is just a beautiful, moving, piece of art...gorgeous, well done.


Karon said...

It is truly fabulous!!! Love this and all the love and work that has gone into it, will truly amaze your MIL. Hugs.

Sandra said...

Well Teresa, I wanted to wait until the final product to comment, and I must say you have both impressed and encourage me at the same time. It is a dream to try my hand at painting one day as well, this is the most amazing gift of love anyone could ever receive. It will be cherished no doubt! Bravo my friend :)))S

Penny said...

Teresa, I am truly impressed with your final piece. OMGoodness, of course you need to give this as a gift! Not only is there a great deal of talent in your artwork, but so much love, too! Congratulations! :^)
Big hugs, Penny

Carla S. said...

Oh, Teresa! It turned out so wonderful! This is an amazing painting, one that your MIL (and both of you) are sure to treasure forever. You are very talented, that's for sure! Bravo on completing your labor of love with such awesome results! I have enjoyed watching your progress!

Berni Cuttino said...

Wow, Teresa, this is awesome, beautiful images and the coloring, shadows are stunning. The facial expression is exceptional. Magnificent talented artist.

Lady Anne said...

Well I have loved following your journey to produce this beautiful portrait which I'm sure everyone who see's it will admire your artistry. You are growing rapidly as an artist and I truly pray that your journey may continue for many years to come. I should image your art teacher is very proud of you and your work...
God Bless
Love ~ Lady Anne xx

NanaConnie said...

Magnificent, Teresa! I just love how you've captured the obvious love between them. I paint, but not people! I'm so impressed with your talent, my friend.

Roxann said...

Wow, Teresa, this is awesome! I haven't stopped by in a while and was wondering if painting is a new endeavor for you? This really is fantastic.


Faye said...

Teresa, I am blown away by this portrait! You have captured the delicate skin tones of your mil just perfectly. And your gorgeous hubby must be thrilled by your great ability to do portraits. I know I am very impressed!!! Thanks for following me. I have joined your followers as well, since I am eager to see more of your beautiful work.