Saturday, 15 December 2012

Weeping for the Children of Newtown, Conneticut

I went to bed last night feeling like crying. I woke up this morning and did. I tried to pray, but didn't know how. And so I knelt before my Lord and wept. I wept for the mothers. I wept for the fathers, the aunts, the uncles, the friends. I wept for the nation whose public schools have become a place of war.

I wept for the 20 tiny children who were sent too soon into the arms of a loving, weeping God.

Twenty mothers, like Rachel of old, weep today and cannot be comforted because their children are no more. Would that I could hold those mothers. Would that I could look into their pain-stricken eyes and take some of their pain as my own. I would not use words to try to placate their pain. I would simply weep -- hoping, praying, that my tears would be a balm; that they would simply know they are not alone.

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Penny said...

You are such a compassionate person, Teresa. I believe this: that kind of love can be felt by everyone everywhere in some measure.
Hugs, Penny