Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The Outlawz Blog Hop Winner

The Outlawz 2000 Member Party was a big success and there are many happy members who have won some really great prizes. If you think you might be a winner, check out The Outlawz 2000 Party Winners page.

Now I get to announce the winner who commented on my blog during the Party Blog Hop. Kathi Silvia, you have won a one-year subscription to the online magazine, "Through The Craft Room Door". Congratulations! Go to The Outlawz 2000 Party Winners page to find out how to claim your prize.

This past Saturday, Hubby and I went out yard sale-ing. I picked up some goodies, like a brand new very stylish purse for only $4.00. I also got some nice things for my pets, such as a good sized dog crate and a bunny wooden tunnel. With my new equipment, I managed to get all six of my pets outside for some fresh air and sunshine.

The cats, Plussette and Mineau, have their own harnesses and lines that I hooked to the clothesline. My English Angora rabbit, Kess, also has a harness. I tethered her line to the dog crate. Inside the crate are Fuzzy Lop, Nahla, and white dove, Treasure. Kaeli (dog) does not wander, so she didn't need a line since I stayed outside to supervise everyone. It was a fun afternoon, except for the mosquitoes.

This purchase could not have been much more timely since the maintenance man did some work on our oil furnace and tank this morning. There was a leak so the whole basement reeks of oil. That is where Treasure, Nahla and Kess live, so it was nice to be able to get them out in the fresh air while the basement airs out.

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Rhonda Miller said...

Your pets are soo cute.

Shelby said...

Sounds like you scored some deals!!


Golda said...

How fun that they can all go outside together! Amazing that you have so many different types of animals, too.