Friday, 29 June 2012

Thankful for My Bankers

Yesterday I made a shocking discovery about my bank account. I had set up a little savings account to receive payments from my new Etsy Shop and linked it to my PayPal. Previously, I had a credit card linked to my PayPal. When I set up this new link, it was with the understanding that if I made a purchase and there was not enough money in my bank account, PayPal would revert to paying from my credit card. Sounded pretty straight forward, so when I made a few (4) very small purchases on my PayPal last week I was not alarmed that the payments were taken from my credit card. Now here is where it gets interesting...

While PayPal was fine with using my credit card instead of my bank account, my bank was not. I had unknowingly racked up $170 in NSF charges for 4 purchases totally less than $40. I was SICK. With no makeup, hair a mess and wearing my I'm-staying-at-home-to-do-housework-today clothes, I drove to the bank with the print out of my horribly shocking bank statement.

The lovely lady (Vicki) at the counter was all sympathy and understanding. "I feel your pain," she said, and I believe she did. She made a copy of my statement, took notes and promised to speak to her supervisor to see if at least 1-2 of the charges could be reversed. By mid-afternoon, not 1, not 2, but all 4 NSF charges had been reversed in my account. What a relief!

Sometimes a simple thank you is just not enough and that is when I am so glad to be a crafter. I tried to make this card extra special - stringing and gluing on beads one-by-one; creating a weaved paper background with glitter paper and using a darling image from "A Day For Daisies". I hand-wrote a personal message inside for Vicki and delivered the card to her first thing this morning. She told me that as soon as her supervisor heard of my plight she'd said, "Well, let's get her fixed right up then." and she proceeded to reverse every charge. Vicki told me her name is Shirley and she wrote Shirley's name on the card as well.

Here is my prayer for them:

Father God, I am so very thankful for these two angels of mercy who helped me out of an upsetting predicament. I ask you today to send some extra special blessings to these two lovely ladies - Shirley and Vicki. May their kindness and understanding be repaid many times over. I ask this is the beautiful Name of Jesus. Amen.

 Card Swaps - Paper Weaving
A Day For Daisies - Beach Party & Use Texture


Trina said...

What a blessing!

Penny said...

What a fix you were in! And how nice that these two ladies got you out of it! You made them a very sweet thank-you card! :^)

NanaConnie said...

Love the woven paper, Teresa! What a fabulous, creative idea. Sweet image.