Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Dump Cake & Countdown

Mmmmm..... Look what I had for breakfast. Well, I had to try it out to make sure it is good enough for my family. ;^)

I found the recipe on my friend Susan's blog, "Lil Bit Of Me". She calls it Hawaiian Cobbler, but I like her other name for it - Dump Cake - because you literally dump the ingredients into the pan and bake. No stirring, no measuring (at least, I didn't measure); just turn on the oven, dump and set the timer.

BTW, it is definitely good enough for my family. In fact, it is good enough for company. If you pick up Susan's recipe, please leave her a nice comment.

Have a sweet day!


PS - DON'T FORGET to add your link to the contest post to be entered for the My Memories software giveaway. The countdown is on. ONLY TWO DAYS to enter.


Rhonda Miller said...

Oooh, that looks yummy. Better than what I had for breakfast. I'm going to try it. TFS.

Sara I. said...

wow, so sinful looking!!! would be nice with a hot cup of coffee!! thanks for linking it to her blog, will definitely have to get the recipe for this one!! xx

Susan said...

I'm coming to your house for breakfast! LOL! I'm so glad you tried this recipe and I sure hope you liked it. It is so easy to make! BTW...I made a hummingbird cake last week and instead of looking for my recipe I just used yours that you posted on the CardMaker turned out delicious!

Teresa Arsenault said...

Hummingbird cake? I've never heard of it. I posted a recipe? Are you sure that was me? Doesn't sound like me. :^?

I see Rhonda found you and picked up the recipe. It sure is tasty. And EASY!

Thanks for your encouragement about hosting my first challenge at Card Swaps. I am so happy to be giving back to you ladies.


PS - Come on over for breakfast any time. :)

Susan said...

Well I see you caught my mistake before I could come back here and say....."oops, wrong person" LOL! You weren't the one that posted the hummingbird cake recipe. That's what I get for blog hopping and posting comments when I'm tired!

Susan said...

Teresa, in response to your last post on my blog....What? You guys don't train your pineapple in your neck of the woods??? What's the matter with you people? You let your pineapple run around wild???

Girl, you had me laughing so hard this morning when I read your post!!! I caught that mistake day before yesterday and corrected it. Told ya I shouldn't post when I am tired! You're too funny! Thanks for the giggle.