Monday, 8 August 2011

Update on Neelix

We took Neelix into the vet's office first thing this morning. I hardly slept a wink all night, and when I did, I dreamed about Neelix being sick. I checked on him at 6 a.m. and he was still sitting in one spot. He was pooping and peeing, but right where he was laying. My poor stinky little bunny.

I held him in a box, with his blanket, on my lap while Terry drove. Neelix put his front paws on my chest while I petted and snuggled him for the 20 minute drive. It was really hard to leave him there, but I felt a little easier that they would know what to do for him.

The vet called me just before noon. His lungs, heart & temperature were fine and he didn't appear to have a blockage. He does, however, have a snotty nose, which started about a week ago. Neelix had a runny nose and sneezing when I first bought him. I took him to the vet at that time and she warned me that it may be an occurring problem. I was already pretty attached to him, so I decided to take my chances and keep him. I still don't regret that decision. I love my big, fluffy bunny.

So, the doctor figures he has a sinus infection. He is also a little thin, due to his loss of appetite. She gave him some IV fluids and an antibiotic shot.

We picked up Neelix this afternoon and he is doing much better already. He ate two baby carrots at the vet's and drank some water. We have more antibiotics to give to him over the next five days.

On the ride home he was much more alert than he was this morning. As soon as I put him in his cage he went for his hay and started mawing down. That sight sure did this bunny mama's heart good, let me tell you. I am thinking of making some muffins or something to help put some weight back on him.

Boy, what a scare. I feel like I can finally breathe now.



Trina said...

Glad he's doing better.I remember how stressed I'd feel when my fur baby was sick...

Teresa Arsenault said...

I know, eh? I actually had chest pains. It's ridiculous how much I love my fids (furred & feathered kids).

Thanks for your kind words, Trina.


Rhonda Miller said...

I'm glad he's ok and that it wasn't anything serious.

Teresa Arsenault said...

Thanks Rhonda.

Jo said...

Oh so glad to hear Neelix is doing better. Your bunnies are so pretty.

Sharon Jones said...

Whew, Teresa! You had ME scared there for that pretty little furry baby {I would call them fabies...teehee}! I had a hard time getting him out of my mind. He's SO beautiful! If I didn't have my little Maltese, Zoey, I would want one just like him!
Hugs to you, gf

Teresa Arsenault said...

Thank you, Jo.

Teresa Arsenault said...

Sharon, you are too cute & sweet! :) And I like that - faby. I also call Neelix my Fluffer Nutter Bunny. Do you remember that commercial?

"Have a nutter Fluffer Nutter butter peanut butter sandwich cookie!"


lis-m said...

Aww poor little thing.. hope he is on the mend soon..
found you through The Outlawz.. i am now a follower
hugs xx

Nana Connie said...

Thanks for the update, Teresa. Good to know he's better. Give him a gentle hug for me.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Mr fuzzy is better, I just love looking at his picture, he is so handsome. It really does hurt when things happen to your buns, people without bunnies may not understand, but I do,hug and kiss him for me, best thoughts as he recovers.....deb jennings

Teresa Arsenault said...

You are all so sweet. It really is comforting to know that so many people care. Neelix is not out of the woods yet, I'm afraid. I left him at the vet's because I figured they could take better care of him, especially if he needs EM care.

Thanks for all your kind words. They help.