Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Sad News

Love at first snuggle
I received some very sad news about a half-hour ago. Neelix passed away early this evening. Cause is unknown. I think I knew; at least by late this afternoon. I felt a certain acceptance in my mind that Neelix would likely not make it. My heart is still crying out and my arms can't believe they will never hold his fluffy body again. Here are some pictures in memory of Neelix.

First day in his new home

First Day of Freedom

First Time Outside

Neelix (Aug.22/2010 - Aug.9/2011)


Jo said...

Oh Teresa, I am so sorry to hear about Neelix. That is very sad. You have some wonderful pictures to help with your memory of Neelix.

Patricia said...

I am so sorry to hear about Neelix. Im thinking about you, I love the pictures

Trina said...

Big hugs to you!

NancyD said...

I am sorry to hear that a much loved pet has moved on. It seems that pets become as much a part of the family as any human member.

Looking at the pictures - her ears are soooo pink and her fur is soooo fluffy!

Take care, Teresa.

Teresa Arsenault said...

Thank you for all of your kind words. They do help.

I actually held Opal (my foster bunny) for about an hour tonight and bawled my heart out. It was comforting to hold her. Isn't it odd that she was returned to me today? God must have known that I would need her today.

Hugs to all,

Chrissy said...

I'm terribly sorry Teresa...I can truely understand the love that we have for an animal is real...and only an animal lover will accept it.My heart hurts for you, as I have lost several loves of my life..my rabbit[Jamie]...my cat[Tommy]...my cat [Teddy]...loved them all so much, and I send you my love, and hope you will feel happy again soon.


Rhonda Miller said...

So sorry to hear about your cute little bunny. I'll be sending you some comforting prayers.

Anonymous said...

Teresa, I'm so, so, sorry about Neelix, tossing many prayers your way in hopes they will help ease your loss. Hugs, Lori m

Pink Crafter said...

Teresa, I am so sorry for your loss. Your bunny was beautiful. It seems so unfair that our beloved pets have such short life spans compared to us, but they give so much unconditional love in those short little lives. My thoughts are with you, and know that you are not crying alone. :(

Made by Mandy said...

Teresa I am sorry to hear your bad news, animals become such a huge part of your lives and are family you choose for yourself. I do hope you have lots of very happy memories and that time heals your pain.

Lots of love

Mandy xxx

Lori Howatt said...

Oh Teresa, I am soooooooo sorry to hear about Nelix. I know how much you love all your animal family members. Praying for comfort for you..

Nana Connie said...

Teresa, my friend, all I can do is be with you in spirit. Loss of anything so dearly loved is painful. I'm so sorry.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for your loss, I feel your pain, I am crying as I write this, I know the hole these fluffy little beings leave in your heart when they pass, like when I lost my Tater, Thinking good thoughts for you as your heart heals, talk soon, love to you and Tess.........Deb Jennings

Anonymous said...

{crying} Theresa...I can hardly type this as I know how you're hurting. Big, big hug to you. I wish I were there in person to talk with you. We all love our furry babies and Neelix was the prettiest little bunny, so soft, warm and loving. My warmest prayers are with you, sweetheart, and I pray for comfort to you. God bless you, honey.

Donna MacKendrick said...

I'm so sorry to hear that you have lost dear Neelix. He certainly was beautiful. I have enjoyed seeing his pictures and hearing about him through your writings.

Cindy Owens said...

Teresa: I am so sorry for your loss, Neelix had a great family home and lots of love in his short time on this earth. Sad to hear he passed.

Teresa Arsenault said...

My thanks again to everyone for all of your love and support.

Anonymous said...

Hi Teresa so sorry for your loss , God bless..... Nancy M