Saturday, 13 August 2011

Meet Nahla

Yesterday I told you there was a Part II to my happy news and here she is: Meet Nahla.

When I took Opal to the rabbitry that would be her new home, I knew I would look at the other rabbits, but didn't think I would be choosing one to take home with me. That was, until the lady handed me Nahla.

This little Fuzzy Lop snuggled up to me as soon as I picked her up. Still, I didn't know if I was ready.... I put her back in her cage and held another cute baby bunny - a Holland Lop. But that other little ball of fuzz had done something to my heart. I asked if I could hold her again.

She was so relaxed with me, I think she may have fallen asleep. I was eventually holding her in just one hand, curled up next to my body. She didn't wiggle one bit. She was perfectly content to stay cuddled up to me. My heart was melting. I knew I would not be able to put her back in her cage, even to go home and think about it. She had chosen me and if you are a pet person, you know how special that is.

Somewhere along the way that I was holding her, the name Nahla popped into my mind. I didn't settle on it until today. I actually looked up some other names and thought about trying to find something with the Letter L, because our pets' names range from K-P, but O and L are not represented. Finally I decided that if Nahla popped into my mind and kept persisting, that is what I should name her. So Nahla she is.

This afternoon I had a nap on my recliner with Nahla. She stayed snuggled up to me and I finally got to hear what I have heard other people say is the sound of a rabbit purring. What a lovely sound. But if that were not enough, she started giving me little bunny kisses, licking my face. Sigh. I'm in love.

So that is my happy news. I hope you enjoy the pictures.



Golda said...

Congratulations! She is beautiful.

Chrissy said...

I'm so glad that your heart has been lifted, I knew it would be. She is just beautiful, and she will be a great companion for you.
My 2 cats and my dog, have all picked me, I did not stand a chance.....they did the choosing, I did the rest..gave them names, fed them and loved them.
Have a happy, cuddly weekend Teresa, and enjoy...

Trina said...

Rabbits purr. Who knew? Glad you found a sweetie to take home!

Dana said...

So adorable!! Enjoy your new fur baby!!

Rhonda Miller said...

How cute. You both look so comfy together.

dawningsun said...

Awww, she's absolutely beautiful. Isn't that an amazing sound, hearing rabbits purr? My baby boy does that from time to time too...he won't cuddle with anyone but me and I'm ok with that ;-)

I love that she picked 11 year old baby girl (cat) picked me too. I wasn't even looking at her...there were so many kittens at the pet store to choose from and she charged past all of them and reached up to me so I picked her up...her purr was bigger than she was and she nuzzled right into my chest, looking up at me and then touched my lips with her paw...I was going through a really rough time emotionally and she knew it and helped me get through it.

I love the pictures of Nahla and you. You were definitely meant for each other. She is absolutely beautiful and I'm so happy that she chose to be part of your life at this time. I hope she brings you never-ending joy and love...but in the pictures, I'd say you are both off to a good start already.

Love you,
Tanya <3<3

Teresa Arsenault said...

A big thank you to everyone who commented. The only thing better than this good news happening to me is being able to share it with you.
God bless you all!
Tanya, I love the story of your cat; so touching.


Nana Connie said...

Teresa, Having been gone and without internet all weekend, I'm just now reading your happy news! Nahla is beautiful and I'm so glad for you. I know exactly what you mean about pets choosing us. When my new, little Honey kitty curls up with me and starts purring, it just brings a sense of wonder and contentment. Neelix will always be in your heart but isn't it nice to realize the heart still has room to love another? Hugz, my friend.

Teresa Arsenault said...

Your words are truth, Connie. And I still think a cat's purr is the best sound in the world, but I could get used to this bunny purring thing too.

Made by Mandy said...

Oh I am so blooming happy for you Teresa. You both look so happy together, it was totally meant to be. See, things really do happen for a reason :)

Lots of love to you and your new baby bunny xxx

Wies said...

Great news and pictures of you with Nahla. Nahla looks perfectly at ease with you Teresa,and the purring confirms that.

Greetings, Wies

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cards and your new baby is just so sweet, congrats on your new addition. Hugs, Lori m