Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Last Goodbye

I went to the vet's office today to say my last goodbye to Neelix. A friend described the feeling as being like a hole in your heart. That is exactly how I feel. I can see why people often go out right away to find another pet to help them through the grieving. You need something to fill that hole.

Everyone at the vet's office were very kind and thoughtful. The doctor led me to a back room where I could shut the door and have some privacy. He was on the counter, wrapped in a towel. I lifted one end to reveal his darling face. His eyes were shut, revealing his long curling white lashes. His body was still soft and I picked him up to hold him against my chest. It felt good to hold him in my arms one more time. I petted him and talked to him until I knew it was time to say goodbye. That was the hardest part. Tearfully, I covered his dear face again with the towel, took some deep breaths and left the room.

Shortly after returning home, I checked my mail and read through message after loving message of condolences from friends and family. Some of you have shed tears yourself over my loss. This deeply touches my heart. I am more grateful than you can know.



Wies said...

Hi Teresa,
What a sad news to read about Neelix. I can imagion that it was good to say a last goodbye to your little friend the way you did. Nice to have those picture of Neelix as a memory to him.
Think of you.
Love, Wies

Valerie said...

Hi Teresa so sorry about your sad news but I'm sure Neelix knew he was loved.
Val x

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you got to say goodbye, there is something about having that moment in time,that helps the healing process. I rescued a bunny today from a local shelter that was facing a very grim outcome, and in tribute I named him Neelix, So that wonderful thought of him can live on, I personally will never forget that wonderful sweet face and want you to know that, in spite of the many miles between your house and mine, your bunny was truly loved here and we felt the loss very deeply as well. love to you and your hubby, ........Deb Jennings

Teresa Arsenault said...

Wow. Deb, you really touched my heart today. Hugs, Teresa