Tuesday, 5 July 2011

My Brothers are Here!

My brothers arrived from Ontario today. They rode their Harley Davidson bikes all the way here. I guess I should have gotten a picture of their bikes; I'll have to do that before they leave.

They got here just as we were making supper and they were starved. I made a salad and some extra corn and everyone was satisfied. Later we went for a walk to where some WWII airplanes are on display. Terry was manning the camera and I will share a few photos with you here.


Me, Thomas & Paul (son)

Harry & Me

Thomas & Paul giving the plane a boost

Doing the same silly face

Harry holding up the plane


Sharon Keanly said...

Wow stunning pics Teresa. My boss also has a Harley which he rides to work when the weather is good. He's a lot younger than your brothers though, just turned 50. I can see him still riding it at their age. Have a good day! hugs Sharon

Teresa Arsenault said...

Thanks for looking, Sharon. Yes, boys do love their toys. :)

Anonymous said...

Great photos Teresa, enjoy the family time and riding the Harley's sounds like a great adventure.

Hugs, Lori m

Teresa Arsenault said...

Thanks Lori.