Saturday, 30 July 2011

I had a migraine today. I usually go yard sale shopping with my husband Saturday mornings, but he had to take me back home where I climbed back into bed. So I didn't enjoy my day very much.

I had to take care of my birds and rabbits, regardless of how badly I felt. Cleaning smelly litter boxes and cages when you are sick is not very enjoyable. But I did get to pet my soft angora bunnies and the little one nuzzled my face.

After a long, long nap, I spent most of the day on the couch when I would rather have been doing something else. Then again, I got to snuggle with my dog and watch a movie with my son.

When my pain levels were more tolerable, I sat at my computer, listening to a neighbourhood mother yell, threaten & scream at her children. But then I visited some blogs, looking at beautiful images and card creations. I left them some love. And they left me sweet comments about my own humble creations. Two more precious followers were added to my blog.

I was supposed to go with my husband tonight to babysit four delightful children, but I was not well enough to do so. My husband was understanding and, though he was tired after spending most of the day helping a friend move, he went by himself to take care of our friends' sweet children. When I apologized, he told me it wasn't my fault; I couldn't help it and shouldn't blame myself.

Tomorrow I am scheduled to teach Sunday School and I am determined to make it, if at all possible. Still, I thought I should give my children's pastor a heads up in case I can't make it. He told me not to worry. It would work itself out.

I had a migraine today. But it was still a good day, full of God's blessings and grace. I found a video that touched my heart and have shared it here with you because you are dear to me. I hope it touches your heart too. (Video removed)



Anonymous said...

Theresa, I am praying for your migraines to cease! They can be so incapacitating and I really feel for you, dearie. I love your blog and will be following you to check up on you, hon. I know I have made a new friend in Him and we are here for each other.
God Bless You,

Teresa Arsenault said...

Your prayers are so appreciated and FELT, Sharon. It was much better today and I did teach SS after all. I love the kids. They always bless my heart. You should have seen them today, worshiping God with all of their hearts. They are so precious.

Blessings to you, my friend & sister in Christ.