Thursday, 7 July 2011

Celtic Revival

We went to an Island concert last night of Acadian dance, music & comedy, called "Celtic Revival". The performers are a father and his 4 (very talented) adult children.
Gabe having fun with audience volunteers

The Sky Family

Gabe is unarguably the star of the show, with his fancy footwork and highjinx comedy. Seth plays bass while operating an impressive light show; he also runs the family's web site where you can purchase tickets online. Miriam plays keyboards and sings like an angel. Joel plays violin, sax, guitar and flute. Three of the four siblings are superb step-dancers and father Tom is a compelling speaker, as well as a talented musician himself.
Dad Tom
Here are some snaps my DH Terry took while we were there.

Gabe's feet barely touch the floor
Miriam & Joel

Joel, Dad (Tom) & Gabe
The Skys have a passion for Christ first and then for music and dance. They also love to laugh, which is contagious to their audience. We were thoroughly entertained: even my skeptical brother who thought it was going to be a 'church thing' and therefore low in quality. That couldn't have been further from the truth. The Sky family performance flows flawlessly from one song or routine into the next. Everything is expertly done and obviously well rehearsed.

Dancing Siblings 
Joel on Saxophone

The Skys live on Prince Edward Island, but they tour all over North America. Check out their website at to find out if they are coming near to you.


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