Saturday, 9 July 2011

New Houseguest & Another from Sylvie

A big Saturday hello to all of my lovely followers and peepers too. Yesterday I was feeling a little down with my brothers leaving so soon to go back to Ontario, and some other issues that were troubling me. I thought I needed a good cry, but I didn't go for the chick flick. Instead I took the road less traveled and took some time to pray. Good choice. After about 15 minutes, most of that heaviness lifted off of me and I feel like a new woman today. Last night I even made another card with one of Sylvie's images.

Last night I also received a new temporary house guest. She is a lovely Mini Rex rabbit. A recently-widowed friend called me yesterday afternoon about 2 pet rabbits her husband had left behind. She didn't feel capable of caring for them herself and with all that she is now dealing with, it was the proverbial straw that threatened to break the camel's back. A young couple had promised to come for the pair of rabbits that morning, but they did not show or call. (Don''t you hate that?) My friend had already dismantled their cages and was at her wit's end.

We discussed what the best course of action would be for her and for me (taking my husband's feelings into consideration as well) and finally came up with the plan for her to surrender the male to the Humane Society and I would take the female until I could find her a home. The male is the tame, affectionate one so it is more adoptable. Also, I keep my rabbits indoors and I couldn't risk taking an un-neutered male as it would likely spray. STINKY!

So now we have a new houseguest. I probably shouldn't name her because I am not intending to keep her, but she just looks like an Opal to me. So, however long she is here, her name will be Opal. Here is a picture of her. Isn't she lovely? Rex rabbits are nicknamed Velveteen rabbits because of their soft, plush fur.

Blessings on your weekend.



Sara I. said...

Pretty punching and design! Lovely card :)

Roxann said...

Beautiful card, Teresa! The new bunny house guest is very cute. My sister, Renee, inherited a bunny from her brother in law about three years ago. His kids didn't want to take care of him any more, so she took him.

my little scrapping corner said...

sweet card. what a cute bunny.

I am a new follower and found your blog through The Outlawz Follow Me Forum

Teresa Arsenault said...

Thanks Roxann. It is so rewarding when your rabbit jumps into your lap for affection, like mine did last night. You ain't no bunny til some bunny loves you. ;)

Teresa Arsenault said...

Thanks for following and for commenting Little Scrapping Corner. I am already following you and have commented on your lovely blog.

Teresa Arsenault said...

Thanks Sara.

Anonymous said...

Hi Teresa, I'm sorry about your friends husband passing. Lovely card and your new friend Opal is so pretty, she'll do very well with your family, hope you can find her a good home if you don't decide to keep her.

Hugs, Lori m

Teresa Arsenault said...

Thanks so much, Lori. I already had one response to my ad so it looks like Opal could find a home sooner rather than later.