Friday, 24 June 2011

More Thank You Cards

I've been working hard at re-organizing my craft space. It is becoming much more functional. I've only got one more drawer to organize and some of my embellishments. The trouble is, I had a whole bag of pearl beads and now I can't find them. Ugh! It's driving me buggy!

My Blue English Angora rabbit, Kess, had her first bath today. I didn't want to do it when she was younger in case she caught a chill. She about 4 months now and very active. She is also a slob. She has been kicking a good portion of her litter out of her box these last few days and pooping all over her floor. I've started calling her 'Messy Kessy'. Neelix gets 'Neat Neelix' because it takes me less than half the time to tidy up his cage.

Anyway, here are two more cards made with images by Bird. Just for fun, I will toss in a picture of Neelix and Kess.


Naomi said...

Two beautiful cards, Teresa, and I LOVE your bunnies, they're SO cute and I love hearing about funny!

Teresa Arsenault said...

Thanks Naomi and thanks for following.

Kymberli said...

Hi Teresa,
Your Bunnies are adorable.
Love ur site im a new follower
Thanks Again for stopping by
@ queen-of-ink-kz.blogspot
Have a wonderful weekend

Grace said...

omg!!!! your bunnies are so cute!!!!

Teresa Arsenault said...

Welcome to Tickell Expressions, Kyberli & Grace. I'll have to get more pics of the buns up. Plus my parrot. Gonzo is gorgeous.


Anonymous said...

Hi Teresa, thank you for dropping by my blog and following me, I'm a new follower to your blog now, and your bunnies are so cute, I've never seen a bunny like this may I ask what breed are they? Adorable, can't wait to see your parrot and love your man making fire post.

Hugs, Lori m

Teresa Arsenault said...

Hi Lori. My rabbits are English Angoras. They are very gentle and sweet natured, as well as being soft & fluffy.

Thanks for following me.

Hugs back,