Thursday, 19 May 2011

My Wonderful Husband

My wonderful husband has been spending almost every free minute this last week constructing a rabbit cage from my designs.

This shows the progress on the first of two stackable cages. My medium-sized dog fits quite comfortably inside. There is plenty of room for two rabbits in each cage, should we decide to increase our herd of two.

Our friend, Gary stopped by and lent Terry a hand for a little while today.

There is a ramp going up to a sleeping shelf. The shelf is actually about 10 inches from the ceiling, but it looks like less in the pictures. Gary contributed a couple of roofing shingles to make a non-slip surface on the ramp. Hopefully, it will help to keep their bunny claws somewhat trimmed. I plan to place their litterboxes under the sleeping shelf. That will leave them about a 3'x2' space just for eating and playing. That is the total size of Neelix's present cage, which houses his litterbox, food dishes and toys, plus a small space for him to sleep. I can only fit a small litterbox in the current cage, so I have to scoop it at least 2 times a day. I will be able to fit a full sized litterbox in each new cage so less scooping for me. Yay! Neelix is very excited about his new cage.

Have I mentioned that Terry is WONDERFUL?


shepherdskin said...

Yes he's wonderful, lol... what a surprise to find my also wonderful husband on there, haha!

Teresa Arsenault said...

Yes. I don't think Gary 'got it' when I made those comments about him 'assisting' Terry.
We are big "Home Improvement" fans. Gary seems more experienced at building animal shelters than Terry so he was giving some very helpful advice.
On the show, "Home Improvement" the assistant Al is more adept at home improvement than the star of the show, Tim. Tim often defends himself by saying, "Al is my assistant. He assists ME!"
Anyway, it was funny in my head. The translation to my mouth lost something.

Stampin' to the Beat! said...

This is great!!

Dee =) said...

The little ramp is just so cute. I was looking at your bunnies on a later post and they are just too stinkin adorable!!!! He did a great job with the cage, it looks nice and cozy!!!

Teresa Arsenault said...

The cages are great and quite easy to clean. I'm so glad we decided to cover the floor and walls with linoleum.
Thanks for your nice comments and for following.