Saturday, 21 May 2011


Well, I've done a few more creations for the Sunny Days Crop over at CardMaker Card Swap. The first shown is the front and inside of a gatefold card I did for a dear lady who recently lost her mother. God bless you and your family, Theresa.

The next two are a friendship and a birthday card.

The final project is a treasure box. I don't really enjoy doing 3D projects. Maybe that is why I am not very good at them. Or maybe I don't enjoy them because I am not very good at them. Either way, I did the challenge and here is the result.

I didn't do any challenges today. Today is Saturday and, cold & rainy as it was this morning, Terry & I were out garage sale-ing. We picked up lots of great deals for ourselves and for friends. Then when we got home we organized everything - put it up, put it away, displayed it, stored it or got it ready to go out the door in the morning to deliver to our friends.
 One of our greats finds was a beautiful, decorative window shade for our large dining room window. No more bedspread curtains! Yay!

I'm pretty tired now, so I've decided to crawl into bed early and watch a little TV. I'm still feeling a little chilled from this morning's adventures and I don't want to become ill.

Blessings to any and all who are reading this,

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