Monday, 4 April 2011

Up To The Challenge Again

I decided it was finally time to get myself motivated by completing an online challenge. This one is a sketch challenge for Paper Craft Planet. The prize is a subscription to Card Maker magazine. My subscription will soon be running out.... or maybe I will gift my prize to my non-Internet, card making friend.... hmmmm....

Frankly, though prizes are nice, I like to do the challenges mostly for the inspiration. There is nothing like a few ideas and sample interpretations to get the creative juices flowing.

I actually came up with two interpretations for this particular sketch challenge.
The little guy above is a digital image from the DigiShack.
The cutie to the right is a Roger Bear image from Ellephantastic. The Thank You image is from the DigiShack.

It is amazing to me how many interpretations can come from one simple idea or sketch. I enjoy seeing what all the other challenge junkies come up with.

Each challenge becomes a kind of community, too. We comment on each other's cards (all nice things, of course) and often dialogue about techniques or even personal goings on in our lives. How does one hobby attract so many nice people? Or is it that the act of creativity actually brings out the best in folks?

Anyway, that's my card making adventures for today. I'll be presenting my DH with a special handmade card tonight for our anniversary!

24 years of wedded bliss and some bliss...ters along the way, too. Let's not kid ourselves. Marriage is hard, but oh so worth the effort! I love my Terry many times more than the day we were wed. Next to God, he is the biggest blessing in my life.


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