Friday, 10 December 2010

Christmas Collection Growing

Yesterday I managed to make 5 new cards for my Christmas collection. I have photographed most of them and put them in a slideshow at the top of this page. The only set I did not photograph is the one I did for my friends at Wedgewood Manor, where I take my dog, Kaeli, every week. Here is the computerized picture I used for them.

Kaeli loves ice cream and she often gets some when she goes to the manor, besides the milk bones I bring to let the residents feed to her and the bits of cheese, sandwiches or even donuts she sometimes get slipped to her from the staff as well as residents. Need I say that Kaeli really LOVES her job?

I plan to finish creating the rest of my Christmas cards today. At least, that is the goal. Cards for the family and friends from away have long been mailed and received. Left to do are cards for close-by friends, as well as for my husband's clients and business contacts.

Imagine - I can legitamately say, "My job is to make cards today." LOL! What a chore! I LOVE my job!


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